Talk to Your Aging Parents About Estate Planning

How to Talk to Aging Parents About Estate Planning

Long H. Duong, Esq. Estate Planning

It’s not easy. And the usual response I hear is that nobody wants to talk about such a morbid topic. Remember though that estate planning isn’t only about post-mortem affairs. Planning for disability or  other complications before death are all part of the estate planning process. Statistically, you and everyone else on this planet will become significantly disabled or incapacitated, long before …

Florida Homestead Property and Estate Planning

Long H. Duong, Esq. Estate Planning

I recently wrote about probate and homestead property over at our sister site, It’s worth a look if you’re wondering what happens if you don’t create an estate plan at all and the property remains in your name after you  pass. In the coming days, I’ll address the nuances of owning and titling real estate so that it effectively …

Florida Probate Attorney vs. Estate Planning Attorney

Long H. Duong, Esq. Estate Planning, Probate

What’s the difference anyway? Nope, there is no punchline here.  This isn’t a lawyer joke. But this is a pretty common question when I tell people what I do. What is a Florida Probate Attorney? A probate attorney guides and assists people in the administration of a persons estate.  More specifically, a Florida probate attorney is versed in the often …