Estate Planning for Healthcare Workers & Emergency Personnel (During COVID19)

Long H. Duong, Esq. Announcements

Over the last month, I’ve seen an appreciable uptick in estate planning clients during this uncertainty and concern caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. While I welcome all clients to explore their estate planning needs, I’ve decided to extend priority service to healthcare and emergency service personnel. From now until July 31st, 2020, we’re offering *no-fee estate planning consultations and courtesy discounts on estate planning instruments such as:

  • Last Will – Determining your heirs; Naming Guardians for your children
  • Living Will – Your wishes regarding life prolonging procedures
  • Health Care Surrogate Designation – who makes health care decisions for you
  • Durable Power of Attorney – allowing someone to make your financial decisions
  • Living/Revocable Trust – more sophisticated planning for unique family needs, diverse assets, avoiding probate

We are currently offering consultations by phone or via video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, etc.)

If you or someone you know has been putting this conversation aside, I encourage you to schedule a consultation soon.

Contact us and we can have a quick chat about the process.

Or if you’re ready to dive in, click on a link below and you can submit an intake form online and we’ll reach out:

Single Person Intake Form
Married Persons Intake Form

(these forms ask for ballpark financial data to help us frame the planning consultation – you’re welcome to fill out only what you feel comfortable for now and we can discuss more details during your consultation; additionally we ask about who you might name as fiduciaries to serve as your personal representative/executor and your power of attorney agents or health care surrogates should you decide to prepare those instruments as well)