Charity Profile: Introduction and Harvest of Hope

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Did you know that you can leave a gift to charity in your Last Will or Trust? Probably.

There are so many charities out there, that it’s often hard to pick. We’ve decided to profile various local charities to help you make an informed decision. Of course any of these charities will accept gifts at any time, but if you’re interested in drafting a new Last Will or Trust, we can help you include these profiled charities.

Today’s first charity profile is the Harvest of Hope Foundation (HOH).

HOH was founded by Phillip Kellerman in 1997 who used an inheritance from his grandmother, Dr. Helen Zand, a long time social worker and advocate for the indigent. The Harvest of Hope Foundation raises funds for migrant farm workers.

The Foundation serves to:

  • Support migrant farmworkers and their families with emergency aid;
  • Issue small grants to programs that assist migrant families;
  • Provide financial aid to migrant students attending college via the Paths To Scholarships Fund;
  • Heighten awareness of the plight of migrant farmworkers in the country;
  • Coordinate with agencies assisting migrant families and their children with education, immunizations and medical needs, and social services.

Along with private donations, HOH offers a great way to contribute and perk up at the same time!

“The Sweetwater Organic Coffee Company has provided the Harvest of Hope Foundation with retail sizes of their popular certified organically grown coffee. For every package you buy, 50% is contributed to the Harvest of Hope Foundation, which provides emergency assistance and educational scholarships to migrant farmworkers, their familes, and their children.”

Click on the link below for your order form:

buy sweetwater coffee and help the Harvest of Hope foundation!

If you are looking to prepare a will, trust or otherwise handle your estate planning needs, we’re here to help. If you think you might want to donate a portion of your estate to a great cause, think Harvest of Hope!



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