Gainesville Sun: “Years after Schiavo, few make final directives”

Long H. Duong, Esq. Living Will Leave a Comment

The Gainesville Sun reminded us this morning that April 16, 2010 will mark the fifth anniversary of Terri Schiavo (pronounced “shy-vo”).

terri schiavo

The article is a sober reminder of the necessity of preparing advanced directives (a Living Will) and draws attention to the AARP‘s recommendations:

Here are some questions the AARP recommends you consider:

Where do you want to die – at home, in a hospital?

What kind of medical treatment do you want? What don’t you want?

Who do you want to care for you?

What do you think is a “good death”?

What funeral services do you want and where do you wish to be buried?

Ask yourself what you see for the rest of your life and put it in writing.



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