Florida Probate Attorney vs. Estate Planning Attorney

Long H. Duong, Esq. Estate Planning, Probate

What’s the difference anyway? Nope, there is no punchline here.  This isn’t a lawyer joke. But this is a pretty common question when I tell people what I do. What is a Florida Probate Attorney? A probate attorney guides and assists people in the administration of a persons estate.  More specifically, a Florida probate attorney is versed in the often …

Summary or Formal Administration in Florida

Long H. Duong, Esq. Probate

There’s a new article over on the florida probate site about the differences between summary and formal administration.  Clients don’t always have a choice here, but when they do, time and cost savings can be tremendous. Alachua County probate court is no different in this regard.  If you can choose sumary administration, it is usually the ideal choice. Click here …

Florida Probate Ebook available for free download!

Long H. Duong, Esq. Probate

Our Florida Probate ebook: “Understanding the Florida Probate Process” has been published! Online that is!  It’s a free download and you can get it over at our sister site, WeProbateFlorida.com! Enjoy!

Is “probate” the new “foreclosure” for real estate investing?

Long H. Duong, Esq. Probate

Gainesville was once a seemingly unstoppable real estate market but has recently cooled to the dismay of many investors who picked up lots of property. Yes, it’s still hard to get a “great” deal and probably harder to unload property. Recently, we’ve been noticing a trend in probate. There must be a new instruction course on buying property in probate …