Is “probate” the new “foreclosure” for real estate investing?

Long H. Duong, Esq. Probate 1 Comment

Gainesville was once a seemingly unstoppable real estate market but has recently cooled to the dismay of many investors who picked up lots of property. Yes, it’s still hard to get a “great” deal and probably harder to unload property. Recently, we’ve been noticing a trend in probate. There must be a new instruction course on buying property in probate that I’m unaware because we’ve been receiving quite a few letters from “probate” investors who are looking to purchase real estate out of a probate estate.

If pink is the new black, then probate must be the new foreclosure.

I don’t want to discourage investors to pursue the probate market, but I would advise that you find a good realtor to do the “bird dogging” for you. Realtors have their fingers on the pulse of available real estate and in many cases are aware of the available estate properties out there.

We don’t ignore the letters from the probate investors, but fishing the probate law firms probably won’t get you too far is the beneificiaries aren’t looking to sell. If they are looking to sell, they typically turn to realtors to move the property quickly.



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  1. I agree. I cant believe how much the market has changed. Having just built a house, I am concerned about tyhe current market status once I put it on the market.

    I enjoy reading your blog.

    Keep blogging.

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