Probate Law

Assets locked up in probate court?We handle probate locally here in the Gainesville and Alachua County area and Statewide!

Probate is sometimes a misunderstood area of law.

The general purpose of probate is to distribute a person’s assets after they die, according to their wishes if directed by a will or as prescribed by the Florida statutes.

Even if you have a Will, you’re estate may need to go through probate court.

If you die without a will, your estate is “intestate”. If you have a will, your estate is “testate”. In both situations, your estate must be probated.

In Florida, if your estate is valued at $75,000 or less, a summary administration is appropriate. Otherwise, a formal administration is appropriate.

A personal representative or a petitioner who has standing to “probate” an estate, must be represented by a licensed Florida attorney in 99% of all cases.

The probate process can be filled with unforeseen hurdles and delay. We understand that when your loved ones pass, the probate process can be an overwhelming distraction during a time better spent adapting, mourning and coping with your loss.